CIPA, the worldwide trade organization for camera and lens manufacturers, reported their 2020 figures. Camera unit sales almost leveled out their long-term decline by the end of 2019, but then dropped steeply in March as the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Camera Unit Sales:

In the last two months sales started to rise up, even more than they normally do seasonally, starting to make up a bit of lost ground.

The launch of an unusual number of significant new camera releases likely helped this trend reversal. Also helpful were significant tracking software advances that have been rolled into even the budget-positioned bodies, encouraging upgrades.

The figures show the number of cameras sold rather than the revenues taken in. The product mix of the major manufactures changed significantly in the past few years. More revenues come from high-end cameras. Figures by revenue – not provided by CIPA – would likely show an even better recovery.

Lens Unit Sales: