Sigma: RF, Z Lenses a “Short-term” Possibility

Jan 13, 2021 | Lenses, Rumors, Sigma, Software

Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki wrote a piece in Polish business review magazine ICAN that rehashes a bit of autobiographical stuff, with a few new tidbits (he grew up living on the top floor of the Sigma headquarters building), but most interestingly he indicates the company is still interested in taking a crack at Canon RF-mount and Nikon Z mount lenses. Yes, he said that two years ago.

But this time, he indicates it is a business necessity because “Less cameras sold also means less potential customers interested in buying a lens, which is why our short-term strategy indeed involves a possibility of introducing lenses with new mounts – to such photography systems as Nikon Z or Canon EOS R.”

He indicated, though, that current orders already exceed the company’s capacity, “especially the capabilities of our R&D department.” He also noted that there is more research and engineering happening on the software side of the department versus the optical design, especially as the firm continues to dabble in camera manufacturing.

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