The Fuji GFX medium format sensor body series has been getting more attention as each subsequent body increases in quality and decreases in price. The recent release of the GFX100S, a smaller body that has essentially the same functions of the larger GFX100, now costs only as much as a flagship full frame body.

So it is with some surprise that Fuji Rumors indicated that “trusted sources” expect a new body this year. Moreso that it would be even cheaper.

Fuji has made a niche for itself zigging to the rest of the camera industry’s zagging, using APS-C sized sensors in its consumer bodies and medium format sized sensors in its high end landscape bodies puts it in non-competitive spaces versus all the other manufacturers flocking to 35mm full frame.

Its non-Bayer-pattern arrangement of pixels allows it to claim a different interpretation of color. Its different sensor size means that it cannot rely on adapting Canon EF glass to its system in order to jumpstart lens availability.