Fuji To Prioritize Super-Teles on X Mount

Mar 9, 2021 | Fuji, Lenses, News

In a ranging interview by DPReview, Fujifilm managers revealed a bit of their product planning strategy, indicating that the next high priority for new lenses in the X-mount range will be 500mm and 600mm supertelephoto primes.

Fuji released the 100-400mm zoom back in 2016. More and longer telephoto lenses are needed to allow Fujifilm’s crop-sensor mount system to credibly maintain that the smaller sensor size can be an advantage in reach-limited situations. Currently, the longest prime in their stable is the 200mm f/2. Despite Fuji’s attempt to position the lens as an action/wildlife option (as pictured below hanging out of a helicopter in the rain), the f/2 lens is primarily used as a portrait lens.

The executives also indicated that – since the X-mount system is a decade old now – autofocus in its lens line-up is relatively slow and needs updating.

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On the medium format side of their business, they said that the most requested new lenses are wider primes (the system currently offers primes as wide as only 23mm) and tilt-shift lenses.

Tilt-shift lenses are a tall order on medium format systems because the nature of tilt-shift requires that the lens cover an area significantly larger than the sensor. Essentially, tilt-shift lenses are built as though they are for cameras with sensors much larger than the ones they actually have; and Fuji’s interpretation of medium format is already 1.7 times the size of a full frame 35mm sensor.

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