An FP-L image reportedly pilfered from a Sigma server shows EXIF data indicating it came from a 60.75 megapixel sensor. The FP-L camera is rumored to be coming out as soon as this week. Such a sensor could theoretically be used with clever pixel pattern arrays and oversampling to produce a smaller megapixel image with color reproduction rivaling Sigma’s older X3 Foveon sensor, which is one of the major spec priorities for Sigma’s as-yet starcrossed camera manufacturing efforts.

This down-sized image from an FP-L was published by L-Rumors

That all sounds tantalizing, but it doesn’t square with the FP-line’s apparent intended purpose, which is to be a modular video camera, making the coming announcement all the more interesting. The current model of the FP and the pictures of the new one leaked by Nokishita (below) show the sort of building block that becomes useful only when put in a cage and attached to such luxuries as a viewfinder.

Sigma FP-L, with novel side-mounted optional viewfinder.