Angelbird’s AtomX Line Launches CFast Adapter for Atomos Devices

May 5, 2021 | Accessories, News, Video

Angelbird, maker of the popular and well-reviewed AtomX line of SSD drives for Atomos external recorders, now has an adapter sled that’ll make your CFast cards available for devices like the Atomos Ninja V.

The $80 device brings new utility to a card format that enjoyed state-of-the-art status briefly, before being overtaken by the much faster CFexpress Type B format, stranding many photographers with collections of expensive and unusable flash memory.

The adapter is compatible with both CFast 2.0 and Type I cards, rendering them into SSDmini formatted drives through the fast SATA interface. These old cards can push throughput capable of recording Apple ProRes up to 4kDCIp60 and Apple RoRes RAW up to 4k120p.

The adapter is not compatible with the Sumo 19/M, Shogun Studio recorders, or older Atomos hardware.

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