Atomos Swaggers Up To Industry: ‘I’m $500 Per Night’

May 6, 2021 | Accessories, News, Video

Remember that item about Atomos coming out with a streaming version of the Ninja series? Well, on its official launch, the Australian firm indicated that it wouldn’t actually sell the Ninja Stream to people, but would rather just allow them to be rented out for $300-$500 per day (or night).

The Ninja series records video – often in more processor-intensive formats than the camera allows by itself – and provides a larger monitor on which to view the footage. It has been a critical part of Canon R5 kit for videographers, as it eliminates almost all overheating issues for those using the HQ 4k formats.

Atomos Launching Ninja V+ with Apple ProRes, H.265, Very Upgraded Price

The Ninja Stream technology looks to be a very complete and flexible set of capabilities for creating and juggling streaming signals. But the difference between the $600 current and quite capable Ninja V and the Ninja Stream costing about that much per day pushed the industry onto its heels. called the decision a “head scratcher.”

Also released is the Ninja V+, with a significant processor upgrade and capabilities of gobbling up 8k video with abandon. Atomos is deining to actually sell the Ninja V+ to consumers, albeit for a price hike ($1,500) of 2.5 times the original Ninja V.


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