Panasonic GH-5 II Coming, Specs Leaked

May 10, 2021 | Bodies, Panasonic, Rumors, Video

The long, long-awaited GH-5 refresh appears to be in the wings, with a Mark II sporting 20 megapixels and shooting 4K60p, according to Nokishita.

The display gets a significant upgrade to 3.68 million dots refreshing 120 times a second.

The battery is the same as the S5, and the rig will cost about $1700, boosting the price by more than a third.

Panasonic is keeping a promise, refreshing the Micro Four Thirds camera, but the update seems a bit paltry given four years have passed and the boosting of the price by $400. But there may be additional critical spec changes we haven’t yet heard.

Photolari published a leak of sorts indicating Panasonic “GH-6” was coming.

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