Fuji Accepts ‘Demise of its … photography business’

Jul 9, 2021 | Discussion, Fuji

Fuji recently demoted the film and photography business to a hobby rather than a major business line. This reality – apparently not quite digested by the Fuji online communities – has been mitigated by the firm’s former CEO indicating that the photo business would continue… as a hobby.

This made some nervous when that CEO retired in the middle of the pandemic last year. But now, thanks to an interview by Asahi, new CEO Teiichi Goto indicated that the non-division will continue as a part of its social responsibility program, which isn’t exactly the most secure place in a corporate hierarchy.

There is a very real possibility that the Fuji camera division could be spun off or sold in a future time when it becomes difficult to justify a product line that doesn’t have profit expectations that has been maintained for a strained interpretation of social good.

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