Lumix Chief: Faster Processors Will Dig Us Out of Autofocus Hole

Jul 22, 2021 | Autofocus, Bodies, News, Panasonic

In a wide ranging interview with Imaging Resource, Panasonic’s Lumix chief Yosuke Yamane indicated that he expects his firm’s much-criticized Depth from Defocus (DFD) system to become better not due to any changes Panasonic is making to the AF system, so much as processor speeds increasing to allow it to do its work in fast enough fashion that it doesn’t annoy camera users.

panasonic lumix s1r

Yamane covered the required bases. No, Panasonic won’t leave the MFT mount. Yes, the GH5 Mark II did sneak in an extra quarter stop of dynamic range.

In one interesting tangent, he referenced the fact that the lower-end cameras, like the MFT mount ones, are built with an eye for being able to apply the same LUTs to the video files as are applied on the files of the super-high-end Panasonic video cameras. This allows for consistent color for a shoot using different types of cameras and is markedly different from companies like Canon, which will use color bit depth, codecs, and available file formats as points of segregation between lines of cameras.

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