ProGrade CFexpress A Rumor from April Proves True

Sep 20, 2021 | Accessories, News

ProGrade is launching a set of CFexpress Type A cards, finally breaking the Sony monopoly on their production. Unfortunately, ProGrade opted not to break from the high prices nor the low capacities. This was rumored to be in the offing as early as April.

ProGrade CFexress Type A

The first ProGrade card will be a 160GB model that will cost $330 at most online retail stores and be almost exactly half as fast as the CFexpress Type B cards that have become popular with non-Sony camera manufacturers. The price per gigabyte is roughly twice the cost ProGrade offers in CFexpress Type B for the same line of cards, at twice the speed.

Still, the ProGrade price is 20 percent cheaper than Sony charges.

Camnostic did the comprehensive review of CFexpress Type B cards last fall, and has updated it since. We did take data on the Sony type A cards when we had the opportunity, but did not yet publish the real-world results for lack of another type A card to compare them to. Once we get some ProGrade cards in, we’ll add them to our charts.

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