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      Canon Rumors indicates it is getting flutters of overlapping information making distinction between new M models a bit difficult. Among the hairy mix, it reports that at least one of a couple new bodies will have in-body stabilization (IBIS), the new version of Dual Pixel Auto Focus, a couple SD slots and access to CLog video format. The 32 megapixel sensor will shoot at 12 fps and do full sensor 4k 60p video – perhaps able to do so because it might rock a DIGIC X chip – or perhaps a new-yet-lesser version.

      The M series has been stranded with its own mount and relatively few lenses. EF lenses can be adapted, but as Canon appears to be leaving EF behind (not having announced a new one in about two years) and the new RF mount cannot physically be adapted to the older mirrorless mount, the M series has been a bit of a question. A 12 fps, 32 mp, 4k 60p CLog monster would be a dramatic way for Canon to rescue the line, but without new glass, it would still be relegated mostly to the casual hiker and traveler.

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