Adorama “Shippiest” Seller of r5 Pre-Orders

Aug 18, 2020 | Bodies, Canon, News, Reviews

Five weeks after the Canon R5 pre-orders were opened up, Adorama has shipped about half of the Adorama pre-orders marked by purchasers in a crowdsourced spreadsheet. That is double the percentage of seen by purchasers at Amazon, Canon’s online store and the “other” category. Orders made at B&H saw less than 10 percent filled so far.

Interestingly, just about the same number of cameras shipped from each of the vendors, but the number of orders they received varied markedly. The spreadsheet contains 98 entries at the time of this writing, with most purchased from B&H (43), 16 each purchased at Amazon, Canon’s online store, and the “other” category. Adorama saw only 6 purchases listed on the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet asks purchasers to enter in the pre-order date and time, which gives a sense of what the cut-off was for orders to be fulfilled. While these values are likely approximate – as there appears to be some confusion about entering in the time relative to different time zones – delivered purchases made at B&H and Adorama all were within 28 minutes of the start of the official Canon announcement. Purchases at Amazon, the Canon store, and “other” stores appear to be more randomly fulfilled, with some ordered as late as nine days after the announcement.

The spreadsheet can be found here:–YXHXSXdUdlquI/edit#gid=0

Camnostic considered “delivered” and “shipped” to be fulfilled cameras, but did not consider “preparing for shipment” to be a delivered status. During this time, Canon’s store suffered from an attack, and such statuses have not been reliable.

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