SD Cards Compared for R5 Performance

Oct 28, 2020 | Accessories, Canon, News, R5

Camnostic has been testing most popular SD card brands (and some pretty obscure ones) in a few R5 cameras to see which ones perform best in various ways. This is similar to the review published last month of the R5 CFexpress card performance review.

[UPDATE: This data is used in a new article that also includes data from the R6 and RP cameras, found here…]

While the review is still under way at the moment, we do have a great deal of raw data to share. The chart below shows the critical variable: the number of shots a card can hold in a 30-second burst in mechanical first curtain shutter mode. The upshot: The Delkin cards win, with the ProGrade card essentially equivalent.

Canon R5 SD Cards Performance

4Lexar 1000xI76,500,42
5SanDisk 170MB/s 1TBI78,000,31
6SanDisk 170 MB/s 256 GBI79,000,31
7PNY 512I78,000,16
8Delkin AdvantageI78,000,17
10PNY Elite 128 GBI79,000,16

One of the Delkin cards – the “Power” one – is quite reasonably priced (the other is the “Black” line of cards that are toughened in various ways), and the ProGrade card is even cheaper at the time of publishing than the Delkin Power, although it doesn’t perform quite as well as the Delkin in the as-yet unpublished electronic shutter version of this test.

Camnostic is trying out an interactive table plugin, which some may see above. Others with certain browser configurations have reported that this isn’t displaying correctly, so we provide the data in a non-interactive table below while we troubleshoot:

Delkin BlackII160,001,60
Delkin PowerII160,001,08
Lexar 2000xII153,001,16
SanDisk 64II148,001,49
Lexar 1667xII94,500,35
SanDisk 64 UHS II83,500,31
Delkin Black UHS-II80,000,74
SanDisk 170 MB/s 256 GBI79,000,31
PNY Elite 128 GBI79,000,16
SanDisk 170MB/s 1TBI78,000,31
PNY 512I78,000,16
Delkin AdvantageI78,000,17
Lexar 1000xI76,500,42

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