Coming to M: IBIS, DPAF2, 2X SD, CLOG, says CR

Aug 18, 2020 | Bodies, Canon, Rumors

Canon Rumors indicates it is getting flutters of overlapping information making distinction between new M models a bit difficult.* Among the hairy mix, it reports that at least one of a couple new bodies will have in-body stabilization (IBIS), the new version of Dual Pixel Auto Focus, a couple SD slots and access to CLog video format. The 32-megapixel sensor will shoot at 12 frames per second and do full sensor 4k 60p video – perhaps able to do so because it might rock the DIGIC X chip lately of the 1DX Mark III and R5 – or perhaps a new-yet-lesser version.

The M series has been stranded with its own mount and relatively few lenses. EF lenses can be adapted, but as Canon appears to be leaving EF behind (not having announced a new one in about two years) and the new RF mount cannot physically be adapted to the older mirrorless mount, the M series has been a bit of a question. A 12 fps, 32 mp, 4k 60p CLog monster would be a dramatic way for Canon to rescue the line, but without new glass, it would still be relegated mostly to the casual hiker, traveler or other person with particular need for small weight and size.

The resolution of where the M line is going will likely serve as the biggest clue for progress in other areas. Where will Canon concentrate its APS-C efforts? Will there be an R7 to replace the 7D Mark II? We are likely to deduce more about the answers to those questions from the M releases than from an (accurate) juicy tip.

* has been one of the best sources for years for original rumor reports, and these “flutters” of contradictory information are an indication that a mixture of real sources are rooting for the site, along with the speculators and fakers. Combine that with multiple new models in the pipeline, it takes a wide network like CanonRumors’ to make any sort of reasonably accurate prediction.

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