Panasonic Releases (Poorly P’Shopped) S5 Budget Full Frame Teaser Pic

Aug 18, 2020 | Bodies, L-Mount, Lenses, Rumors

Nokishita, as usual, is first to post the Panasonic teaser pic (seen above) of the new, budget-minded full frame offering from Panasonic to complement its S1 series. A corresponding spec sheet indicates the S5 might actually exceed most or all capabilities of the S1, the lower-end model of that series.

Aside from appearing to be significantly smaller than the cinder-block-like S1R, S1 and S1H (some of which we here at Camnostic have owned and loved); not much can be made out in the image because, it appears, someone travelled back in time to the early ’90s to access early versions of Photoshop to blacken out most of the camera, while creating a cheesy “hair light” effect.

The terrible darkening may suggest that Panasonic has a new budget kit lens in the offing, as it appears to be designed to obscure the mount and an area that a lens would otherwise occupy.

The full specs show it to be a 24 megapixel hybrid shooter, with almost as many video formats and frame rates as pixels; perhaps an A7s III competitor, but with a reasonable resolution for photos too. Panasonic’s other S-series cameras have the industry’s best-yet pixel-shift composite resolution software system, which creates very high resolution raw pictures in camera.

It sports dual-native ISO (100 and 640); 7 frames per second in mechanical and 5 in live view; and a new battery grip (sorry, folks, your BGS1 won’t fit on this one as it did on all the others).

The spec sheet is silent on any new autofocus technologies, something many Panasonic fans (including us at Camnostic) have been hoping for, as the series’ AF capabilities have been its weak point.

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