Rumor: New Sony Entry Full Frame to Borrow A6600 Ergos

Aug 24, 2020 | Bodies, Rumors, Sony

The recently rumored Sony full frame body to serve the entry level market will reportedly sport an A6600-type body, according to Canon Rumors.

The A6600, a crop camera that shares the same Z100 battery as the full frame A7 and A9 series hits well above its weight, sporting many of the software features of the full frame lines already, with Sony more reluctant to hold back features than the older camera brands.

The tracking system in their flagship cameras was recently pasted into the APS-C sensor body with the most recent revision.

But putting a full frame sensor in there seems, well, tight. There is an A6600 sitting here in the newsroom. We’re turning it over and over. Perhaps it will be similar proportions and a slightly bigger chassis.

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