Sony Rumored to Be Prepping Full Frame Small Shooter

Aug 29, 2020 | Bodies, Rumors, Sony

Sony Alpha Rumors reports that they’re sure Sony will be launching an additional full frame camera that is both more expensive than the A7 Mark III and yet smaller, more akin to the A6600 series. Like the A6600, it will sport the Z100 battery (the A6600 can drive that battery for quite a long time).

SAR reported that the new camera will constitute a new line, with a new naming convention, and will be aimed at vloggers and travelers.

Sony in the past has relied on previous versions of the camera kept on the market to stratify pricing. But Sony, love them as we do, also had the worst ergonomics and menu system versus all of the other major manufacturers, so this didn’t afford entry level people a good entrĂ© into the ecosystem. Especially with the new ergonomics of the higher end cameras and the new menu system appearing for the first time in the A7S Mark III, it may well make sense to refresh as well the low end of the market, rather than wait the two or three years it would take for that market to get the better impression of Sony’s real capabilities.

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