St. Roger Sacrifices 600mm f/11 to Cause

Aug 24, 2020 | Canon, Lenses, News, Wildlife

LensRentals founder and chief scratcher of lens curiosity itches Roger Cicala put his own copy of the new Canon 600mm f/11 on the disassembly pad to figure out how the thing ticks. The upshot: it’s pretty different; not just in the design parameters of it – which are bonkers – but in how Canon’s engineered some of the innards. Unfortunately for Roger, they didn’t manage to put it back together quite exactly correctly, and he went off on his trip without realizing it wouldn’t work once out in the field.

One of Camnostic’s editors happened to be in a discussion with Roger and others regarding the lens on a forum right around the time. The lens has picked up more interest than the specs might imply, as Roger noted, he was interested because he almost always has good light at this location, but would never bother hefting an f/4 on the hikes he goes on. This seems a common use case.

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