An RF Heir to Canon 7D Mark II Rumored

Sep 2, 2020 | Bodies, Canon, R5, Rumors, Sports

Over at Canon Rumors, there is a hot discussion about how likely it is that a – reportedly reliably sourced – rumor about a new RF-mount APS-C sensor camera coming out in a year or so might hold some truth. Of course, being an internet forum, the conversation quickly morphed to the implications of whether or not Canon will keep the forever neglected M mount – the current crop offering.

CR was told that the camera would be a “higher margin” offering focusing on speed and have a smaller form factor than the R5.

Such an offering would be unexpected, given that Canon is showing the ability to make very small cameras (like the RP) in full frame sensor size and at crop sensor prices. Manufacturing efficiencies mean that a crop sensor is no longer as cheap relative to a full frame sensor, so there is less price benefit as well. But far be it from Camnostic to come between bird-in-flight action photographers and an opportunity to spend another four figures on a new set of bodies and lenses, if true.

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