Nikon Budget Shooter DR Beats Pants off of Canon’s RP

Sep 13, 2020 | Bodies, Canon, News, Nikon

The new Nikon Z5, a budget-minded mirrorless geared to vloggers and lower-end full frame shooters, allows for much higher dynamic range between 100 and 800 ISO (as much as two stops worth) versus Canon’s entry level full frame mirrorless, the RP. The Canon’s entry is a year older and inherits a sensor from the 6D Mark II, which itself was criticized upon its launch three years ago as having a long-in-the-tooth sensor whose dynamic range wasn’t better than the original 6D launched eight years ago.

The figures were measured by Bill Claff’s Photons to Photos, a well-respected dynamic range source. Clicking on the link allows you to choose various cameras to compare versus one another. In the chart below, the black is the new Z5, and the Canon 6D (2012), 6D II (2017) and RP (2019) are the colorful cluster below.

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