Nikon to Rev Z7, Z6 on Oct 14

Sep 29, 2020 | Batteries, Bodies, News, Nikon

It’s official: Nikon will host a virtual event on October 15 at 9 in the evening Japan time, 8 a.m. Eastern. Early rumors had Nikon shooters expecting a partial upgrade to both original cameras in the Z system, perhaps called the Z6s and Z7s, to keep expectations low as to the degree of upgrade. But the event materials indicate Nikon is pushing for the market to consider the upcoming cameras full upgrades, giving them the official Mark II Roman numerals.

NikonRumors reported more than a week ago that the upgrade would include a new battery, dual card slots (these cameras having been the poster boys for single card rage on launch), 4K60, better EVF, an actual vertical grip option, and a higher price. The sum of those improvements doesn’t sound like a full upgrade, although there may be critical new features as yet unleaked.

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