RF Nifty Fifty On the Way

Sep 25, 2020 | Canon, Lenses, News, Rumors

Canon will likely soon release a 50mm f/1.8 lens for the RF mount mirrorless system, as one has been registered with Russian authorities, as first noticed by Nokishita. The time between such registration and lens release is typically a couple months. In addition, another lens has been registered, of unknown specifications.

The 50mm lens is not macro, and does not have image stabilization, making it squarely in the “nifty fifty” category of a budget general lens.

Because the previously-registered 70-200mm f/4 lens has a different identification number than either of the recently-registered lenses, we can expect at least three new lenses to be released soon.

It may be too much to ask, but a crop RF body has also been rumored, and one might expect budget lenses to be launched along with it. Just saying.

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