Sigma f/2.8 Mirrorless Macro Pics Leak

Sep 22, 2020 | Canon, L-Mount, Lenses, Macro, News, Nikon, Sigma, Sony

Mirrorless systems still lack a near-100mm f/2.8 lens with autofocus as good as the 11-year-old Canon 100mm L lens, so it is with some anticipation that macro shooters have been following rumors of a Sigma entry into this category. Today Nokishita leaked images of this effort.

Apparent in one of the images is a declicking mechanism, unusual among macro specialty lenses, although the near-100mm length has often served dual purposes for both macro and portraiture.

Designed for mirrorless flange distances, this lens is likely to be launched in the Sony E, L-mount and possibly the new Nikon Z mount flavors. Sigma has not yet included Canon RF among its new offerings.

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