Sony FX6 and Venice V6 Coming Late ’20, New FX9 in ’21

Sep 2, 2020 | Bodies, News, Sony, Video

Sony Europe gave us a roadmap of sorts for its video hardware release priorities for the next year. It includes most immediately an FX6 later this year, along with version 6 of the Venice “as of” November; as well a new FX9 next year. The UK-based PR effort is repositioning the collection of video cameras as a newly-launched “Sony Cinema Line.”

The announcement comes days after the two top Sony Electronics executives in Japan gave an interview to the Japanese version of Business Times indicating that video was going to be the immediate priority in the imaging space, as that is likely to afford more market expansion opportunities.

This also comports with the release of the A7S III, and perhaps the surprisingly paltry set of upgrades made available in the stills flagship, the Sony A9 Mark II in its most recent revision.

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