Canon New M Camera Confirms Series’ Relegation

Oct 13, 2020 | Bodies, Canon, Rumors

Canon has a new M-series camera coming out, the attractively-small mirrorless cameras that preceded the RF mount spec monsters. High (perhaps wildly so) expectations for a new M camera that would replace the aging 7D Mark II EF mount camera were extinguished this morning as details leaked to Nokishita of a new low-end camera so similar to the first that it appears to be changed mostly in firmware. And perhaps with a lower manufacturing cost.

In lieu of flowers, mourners may send condolences to Canon mirrorless early adopters

Rumored roadmaps have been bereft of any M-mount lenses in the near future. The M lineup, like the EF lineup, doesn’t appear to be getting any love in the near future relative to the time, money, attention and all-important production lines lavished on the RF system.

The M system was once supportive of the main Canon mount, the EF system, as adapters allowed free use of the full frame glass. The RF system’s dimensions don’t allow this, so the M system currently has no capacity to integrate into the flagship product line.

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