Canon Patent Flood: Quad-Pixels & F/4 Lenses Abound

Oct 15, 2020 | Bodies, Canon, Lenses, News, Patents

Canon is filing still more patents on quad-pixel autofocus, which would theoretically solve the problem of autofocus working best only on object that have contrast in an up-and-down orientation. Additionally, a bevy of optical formula patents are working their way, like lumps in a snake, through the patent process. Those lenses include:

  • RF 24-70 f/4
  • RF 24-120 f/4-7.1
  • RF 20-100 f/4-7.1
  • RF 24-80 f/4-7.1
  • APS-C 15-70 f/4-7.1

That latter lens is marked as an APS-C design by Canon Watch, but it may also (perhaps more likely) be designed for a Super 35 video sensor.

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