Update: SonyAlphaRumors Backtracks on Sony Lens Timing

Oct 5, 2020 | Lenses, Rumors, Sigma, Sony

SonyAlphaRumors originally reported that 2 “super fast” G Master class primes were on the way in the next couple of months and that one will set a record. (Given precedent with the manufacturer, it could be that the record could have something to do with price. Sony hasn’t been shy bringing shock and awe to the pocketbook.)

The site’s headline this morning is that Sony may launch a run-of-the-mill lens soon, but that the big guns are definitely not coming when first thought, and that even early 2021 would be the “earliest” possibility.

Sony will be looking to put paid to the idea that its relatively thin mount orifice is incapable of handling designs for the sort of “bonkers-class” lenses that have been rushing out of Sigma and Canon design shops. A record Sony would dearly like to own would be the largest aperture for a popular focal length.

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