Yongnuo to Bow FF 35mm F/2 in FE with AF FFS

Oct 23, 2020 | Lenses, News, Patents, Sony

Yongnuo, a Chinese maker of relatively high quality photography knock-off products, announced it will sell a 35mm F/2 lens for Sony FE mount cameras. While shown on a crop camera, the lens produced a full frame image circle. This lens, unlike some of its first lens efforts, will provide autofocus.

The first Yongnuo lenses launched featured lens designs that appeared to be direct copies of older Canon lenses, for which the patents may have expired. This 35mm lens does not appear to be the same lens design as the well-liked, but ancient Canon 35mm f/2.

The specs, are surprisingly high-end. They include an MTF chart that shows quite good resolution all the way to the edge of the sensor; a USB-C port for firmware upgrades without a dock; a metal bayonet; and a low-dispersion material lens element to help with aberrations.

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