Nikon Not Resupplying D850 Retailers… UPdate?

Nov 12, 2020 | Bodies, Canon, Nikon, Retail, Rumors

Something appears to be up with the Nikon D850, where the company flushed out inventory last week with $500 discounts, and doesn’t appear to be resupplying the largest retailers. The four year old camera was a remarkable value at the time of its launch, setting the specs bar much higher for its rivals in the high-end, non-gripped, full frame category.

This may lend credence to the rumors that a replacement is due in early 2021. Were Nikon to replace the high end DSLR with another non-mirrorless body, it would be zigging to Canon’s zag. Canon replaced its market-leading 5D series with a mirrorless duo of cameras in July.

Producing an F-mount body would preclude buyers from using all of the new Z-mount glass Nikon has been launching over the past couple of years. The new 14-28mm f/2.8 Z-mount lens pictured below would be available only to the less-capable Z series.

Nikon could move the D8xx series to a Z-mount mirrorless format, although rumor sites have been silent on this possibility.

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