Canon Promotes New 8K Cine Bodies… in 1080p Promo Video 🙁

Dec 28, 2020 | Bodies, Canon, Rumors, Video

Canon gave a virtual presentation to the BEE 2020 Online conference, comprised of a sizzle video showing a new 8K body that anticipates will be coming out in the coming year, along with a C300-form factor 8K model as well.

The presentation was delivered with the use of four 4K projectors, as apparently there isn’t such a thing as an 8K projector quite yet. Which corroborates the sense that 8K is a feature that is addressing a limitation that the industry hasn’t yet actually reached. It is further brought home by the fact that Canon didn’t bother uploading a video to YouTube that can be displayed in anything higher in resolution that 1080p – rougly 1/64th the resolution provided by the new cameras.

But 8K can go a long way to improve image quality in downsampled output, as well as future-proof raw footage for future use.

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