CanonPriceWatch Top 10 2020 Canon Sellers Heavy on The New Stuff

Dec 31, 2020 | Bodies, Canon, Lenses, News, Retail

While’s 2020 list of most-rented items was surprising in that it was very DSLR-focused, with little representation from the new mirrorless mount lenses and cameras. Not so with the CanonPriceWatch list, which is dominated by Canon RF-mount goodies.

The CanonPriceWatch top 10 list includes,in order:

  • the Canon R5
  • R6
  • RF 70-200
  • RF 24-70
  • RF 15-35
  • R
  • RP
  • 90 D (the first non-RF piece of kit)
  • 5d Mark IV
  • RF 100-500

The fact that the R5 and R6 made the top of the list may surprise some, as supply was quite limited. From the R5’s July launch through the first weeks of December, most retailers indicated it as out of stock.

The CanonPriceWatch figures come in part from their “street price” program, where the site partners with official Canon retailers to offer new Canon gear at less than the manufacturer’s allowed retail price. The service has proven reliable among people reporting having used it on forums, and apparently popular among the early adopters. Two writers affiliated with Camnostic have used the service with good results.

Additional data for the list was pulled from reported sales as shown in regard to affiliate links to product deals that they post on their page daily.

That there is such a heavy focus on the mirrorless system on the list suggests that the audience for the deals is quite different from the LensRentals market. LensRentals is a go-to source for professionals who use a wide variety of equipment, where it makes less sense for them to fully invest in one type of rig. Those professionals are known to favor proven, reliable hardware, and it makes sense that there would be a lot of them re-renting a 5D mark IV. But another segment of the LensRentals market is comprised of people looking to test out new cameras. We know that LensRentals gets some supply of these fairly early, as its founder will often recklessly take new ones apart to figure out its foibles, posting pictures and dryly funny commentary on the company’s blog.

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