CanonRumors Heard Rumor Again: Crop R Body A Comin’

Dec 17, 2020 | Bodies, Canon, Rumors, Sports, Wildlife

CanonRumors reports that it is hearing chatter again about a rumor the site itself reported some months ago: that a crop version of the EOS R system is being tested in the wild.

The prospect is sure to rile up several Canon tribes. The M mount shooters on forums appear to take offence at the notion that their ill-supported lens lineup might be trumped by a new RF equivalent. The sports shooters – many still hanging on to their 7D Mark IIs with grip tape and hope – salivate at the idea of a reach-oriented, high-end crop system. But such a system is unlikely be much smaller, cheaper or faster than the existing full-frame beasts that shoot 20 frames per second.

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