DXOMark Likes R6 Sensor

Dec 14, 2020 | Bodies, Canon, News, Reviews

DXOMark gave the Canon R6 sensor a score of 90, which is pretty high for its class of camera. There was once a time when DXOMark ratings mattered to people comparing cameras for purchases, but oddly inconsistent ratings and methodologies perceived as murky have allowed the brand to fade as a consideration for buyers.

The review of the sensor mentions that the flagship R5 camera is significantly more interesting than the R6, but DXOMark hasn’t yet managed to review that sensor, even though it was available in the market several months before the R6 was finally released.

While many reviewers dismiss the conclusions and category scores for from DXOMark, the firm does profide useful hard data, frequently cited by reviewers. Included in the R6 review is a chart of dynamic range performance across ISO, as well as color sensitivity over the range as well.

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