Nikon: AKM Fire Will Affect DSLR, F-mount Range

Dec 18, 2020 | News, Nikon

In the tradition of western journalists interviewing Japanese camera company executives, Amateur Photographer sat down virtually with Tetsuya Morimoto, Nikon’s chief in Europe, and asked very interesting questions only to receive polite non-answers. One tidbit did surface: the AKM Semiconductor fire in Japan will affect the supply chain of Nikon DSLRs and F-mount lenses.

Questions given the “we are constantly evaluating the needs…” responses included whether or not the recent Z7 II and Z6 II revisions were just phoned in; whether is Nikon going to do super telephoto; might Nikonians get a high-end body; and what about that cool new pixel-shifting stuff everyone else is doing.

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