Nikon Firmware Arrives: CFexpress For Everyone

Dec 3, 2020 | Accessories, Bodies, News, Nikon, Software

Nikon released its new firmware for its higher-end DSLRs, an update that includes the long, long promised ability to use CFexpress cards in addition to the slower XQD cards. is renting Nikon bodies in order to test relative performance, to include in its CFexpress comprehensive comparison review. No performance increase claims have been made by Nikon as yet. It remains unknown whether the older hardware will be comprehensively capable of employing the CFexpress format’s maximum speeds.

The D5 upgrade to version 1.4 also includes some minor feature additions, such as more granular selection of wireless bands, and the fixing of a shutter release error bug.

The D850 upgrade to version 1.2 also provides greater metering area placement precision, and fixes for minor bugs, such as the reversal of the left and right audio monitoring feeds.

The D500 upgrade to version 1.12 is a little janky, requiring the same upgrade operation to be performed twice in order to properly take – this according to Nikon’s own documentation. Failing to do this twice may render the camera unable to interact with Nikon’s SnapBridge software, which – for some – may be considered an additional feature.

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