Revenge of the EOS R Touch Control

Dec 18, 2020 | Bodies, Canon, Patents, Rumors

Canon patented (via Canon News) a new shutter activation mechanism that looks a bit like the old touch control added – and quickly removed in later models – from the original R series camera.

The control would allow for the button area to be used for more than just the shutter activation, perhaps allowing for focus point movement and other controls, depending on the mode and menu items selected.

For many decades, the shutter button as been a very significant cause of image blur due to camera movement caused by the button mechanism. This mechanical problem is often worse with the smaller cameras and a bit less bad with cameras with significant grips that allow for a full-hand squeezing that produces forces in countervailing directions.

Shutter half-press and full-press feedback could be given with haptic signals back to the finger, much like an iPhone screen can do when trying to imitate the pressing of a button, although those vibrations wouldn’t be appreciated while shooting in servo mode.

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