Canon RF Rumors Repeated [Update: Sort-of Retracted]

Jan 6, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Rumors indicates a source has repeated some rumors of anticipated camera models expected from Canon. Neither the nature of the source nor the role in which the source may have come across insider knowledge was disclosed. The site indicates that canon will release in 2021:

  • A high-resolution RF body, taking on the role once served by the EOS 5DsR. This camera is expected to have a resolution in the 100 megapixel range;
  • A crop sensor RF body taking on the niche previously occupied by the 7D Mark II;
  • A replacement to the RP;
  • A replacement to the R;
  • An R1 that would be Canon’s first mirrorless “flagship” camera;
  • And several video-oriented bodies.

[Update: the site now indicates other sources – reacting to their original story – indicate most of these will actually are not coming in 2021. The exception appears to be an top-class sports body referred to on fan boards as the R1. Kudos to CR for providing the update when other information came to light.]

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