CFexpress Type A-to-SSD Adapter Fixes Sony Card Limitations

Jan 25, 2021 | Accessories, News, Sony

The CFexpress Type A card format (the cute, little version of CFexpress that cleverly is able to fit into some Sony SD card slots when reversed) has a few limitations, so Zitay is now producing (via an adapter that will fill your Type A port and throw the data over to an external SSD.

The biggest Type A limitation is that It’s maximum capacity at the moment is 160 GB, or about 45 minutes of shooting in the highest bitrate. This also emphasizes another weakness: only Sony makes the cards. Finally they are expensive, especially relative to the old and tried SD cards, which operate at speeds adequate for almost all purposes.

Video shooters will often employ an external recorder, which typically use SSD drives as well, in addition to providing other features such as an external monitor and different codec options. The Zitay adapter sells for about $180, and combining that with a 2 TB SSD would add up to about $500. Since the Sony 160 GB Type A cards cost $400, an external drive with the adapter would be about 10 types cheaper.

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