Laowa to Bow f/0.95s that Don’t Suck

Jan 12, 2021 | Canon, Laowa, Lenses, Nikon, Rumors, Sony

This story started out unbelievable, and sounds even less likely the more we learn, even as we move inevitably to an actual release. As previewed a month ago with a leaked picture, Laowa really is pushing out some f/0.95 lenses. Laowa has a well-earned reputation for putting out very sharp manual focus glass, but typically in various macro configurations. The big new news is that some of them appear to be sharp at open aperture, which would be a first for lenses at or about f/1.

These are not macro. The 35mm version has a reproduction ratio of 1:10, a departure for Laowa.

Below is the MTF chart (first published by of the 33mm f/0.95 designed for crop sensors. It leaves little to be desired in terms of sharpness and really doesn’t appear to have a peer below f/1.2.

The two full frame variants – a 35mm and a 45mm – are not as impressive, but instead merely show MTF performance akin to the Canon RF 50mm f/1.2:

The 35mm is about .75 kg and the 45mm is about .85 kg. The 35mm f/0.95 weighs about 25 percent less than the Sigma 35mm Art f/1.2, made only for E-mount and L-mount, which is a heartbreakingly sharp lens, but not as bright.

Laowa, also known as Venus when its marketing department feels like it, will release a 25mm micro four thirds as well.

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