Sony Registers A New Camera

Jan 28, 2021 | Bodies, Rumors, Sony

Nokishita noted that a new camera was registered yesterday with Asian radio frequency regulators. The WW356015 camera appears to be a new camera – not the A1 flagship announced the day before, as Camnostic confirmed that registrations for the A1 showing up in other national databases this morning did not use that product ID number. Because the likely new camera uses the 5GHz range, it is probably a high-end camera.

The new entrant joins four other as-yet-unreleased cameras that have previously been found on regulator registration databases, one of which is also a high-end body. Other sites seem to have mistaken the Nokishita report to indicate that their are five new registered bodies, rather than one new one and four previously-registered devices.

Most camera bodies registered with the authorities do get released, often within a quarter of registration.

The A1 model launched on Tuesday does have certain features that were noted as being available only in some countries. It is possible that multiple variants are being produced to serve different regulatory regimes, as has happened in the distant past with Canon cameras. Russia, for instance, has strict measure regarding GPS functionality that has in the past required a hardware variant.

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