Engineers’ Panel at CP + shows Firms Eyeing Each others’ Markets

Feb 25, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Lenses, MFT, Nikon, Rumors, Sigma, Sony, Tamron

A video panel of engineering managers at most of the major camera manufacturers indicates that many of the firms are looking to expand their current offerings to compete in the established markets of some of their competition.

Sigma looks to be following Tokina into the Fujifilm X-mount market. Tamron, hard on a spate of cheap-and-cheerful high-quality zoom releases, plans to give Sigma a run for its money in the higher-end, bonkers-class lenses. Panasonic may not have completely abandoned the Micro Four Thirds mount, with possible plans for a GH5 “definitely under consideration. Nikon is playing with stacked sensors, but doesn’t have a camera in development. And Canon is playing with global shutters without specific product plans.

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