New Olympus E-M1X Mark II Hinted

Feb 15, 2021 | Bodies, MFT, Rumors

There’s much confusion about OM Digital’s plans for its Micro Four Thirds (MFT) cameras. The division of Olympus was sold to JIP on the promise of it having new technologies worth bringing to the shrinking market that is digital photography. Now comes (via an interview with Olympus’s UK manager hinting at a revision of the flagship sports camera the E-M1X.

That camera has been reviewed as a credible mimic (including the price) of the integrated grip flagship cameras of Canon and Nikon, but with a lesser sensor. The MFT nature of Olympus’s offerings was seen as a strength for cheap, pocketable cameras, but as a distinct disadvantage for pulling the most out of small pixels in low light conditions.

The suggestion from the interview is that the body would be tied to a new sensor technology. In the intervening years since the first version of the E-M1X came out, Canon launched the R5 and Sony launched the A1. Both Canon and Nikon are expected to be announcing their new flagship versions in 2021, so the market is stacking up with some formidable competition; so far focusing on ~45-megapixel 20+ frames-per-second full frame monsters.

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