Nikon Booster: Z Flagship Won’t Reach A1 Heights, but Will Satisfy Nikonians

Feb 1, 2021 | Bodies, Nikon, Rumors

Nikon aficionado Thom Hogan – claims to have multiple sources with prototype cameras or information about prototype Nikon new products – indicates that the new Nikon mirrorless flagship to come sometime in 2021 won’t quite reach the specs that the new Sony A1 boast, but that this lesser set of features will make most Nikon users happy, as they are accustomed to lower expectations.

Hogan believes that the new D6/Z7 successor won’t have improved resolution; will have a gripped body; will have higher frames per second than the Z7; Won’t be as networkable as the A1; and will likely come out with additional lenses not yet on the existing roadmap.

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