NIKON F TO SONY E MonsterAdapter Launches

Feb 12, 2021 | Accessories, Lenses, News, Nikon, Software, Sony

MonsterAdapter, a firm that previously sold F-to-E adapters that were re-badged under better-known brand names, is revising its design and firmware and putting out a new Nikon F-mount to Sony E-mount adapter under its own brand.

Sigma’s well-respected MC-11 Canon EF-mount to Sony E-mount lens adapter caused a surprising number of Canon users to try out Sony bodies over the past two years, allowing a movement of marketshare toward Sony that was stemmed only when Canon finally released its R5 camera. An F-mount glass adapter option for Nikon shooters tempted by the Sony A1 and A7s III could have lubricate a similar effect.

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