Nikon’s Rumored 2021 Releases

Feb 8, 2021 | Bodies, Lenses, Nikon, Rumors

Nikon Rumors reports that Nikonians will see a low-end, APS-C sensor camera announced in the first half of the year. It will likely come without a viewfinder, making it a compact package. The second half should see an announcement for a higher-end Z-mount camera following in the footsteps of the Canon R5 and Sony A1 in putting together an 8k-delivering body with a higher resolution sensor.

On the lens front, the owners of the Z7 series have been waiting for the 400mm f/2.8 and 200-600mm lenses.

The site reports that a couple F-mount lenses are still in the works, alongside a D850 replacement, although it caveats that prediction with, “Nikon may delay or cancel any F-mount products at anytime given the latest surge of mirrorless.”

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