Remember CP +? Me neither.

Feb 23, 2021 | Bodies, Discussion, Editorial, News, Nikon, Sigma

CP +, the major photography equipment conference in Japan that starts Thursday – like the other virtual events staged during the pandemic – is the online shadow of its former meatspace self. Companies appear to be moving on to run their own PR launch events, with Sony in the act of launching its ill-kept launch secret, the FX3, on its own virtual channel as this is written.

Events like CP + were driven by the twin conference industry revenue drivers of users having the possibility of being able to handle a just-announced piece of kit; and the FOMO-driven need for manufacturers to spend five or six figures to show up and have vloggers snark at them. With those engine cylinders now silent, the go-cart has to be pushed uphill in the hopes that 2022 will unleash an accumulated level of gear lust.

So far, rumor articles have managed to scratch together only a few possible significant launches in the upcoming week. The biggest so far, if it can be called that, is the possibility of Nikon coming out with a Z-mount APS-C sensor camera called the Z30. It is expected to be roughly like the Canon RP, but with a crop sensor.

Sigma’s update to the FP could surface. And that about concludes our preview of CP + 2021.

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