SD Cards Comparison Update: Angelbird Ups Performance

Feb 22, 2021 | Accessories, News, Reviews

We’ve found the Angelbird support to be swift and generous – and this has been true even when Angelbird was not able to know that we were affiliated with Camnostic. Angelbird has a well-deserved reputation for improving its memory cards and – almost unique among manufacturers – bringing those improvements to their installed base of customers in the form of user-managed firmware updates.

When we reviewed a couple dozen of the most popular available SD cards at the turn of the year, we were surprised that the Angelbird cards sent to us by the firm did not perform as well as the other UHS-II cards. Other reviewers found them to be much faster. The ever-responsive support people in Austria sent us some replacement cards last week, and we can report that they are quite zippy. We have updated our original comparison story here.

The upshot: You can shove an average of 129 50MB RAW files in 30 seconds onto one of these cards in 30 seconds, about a 40 percent improvement from our first test.

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