Sony FX3 ‘Sigma FP killer’ Details Leak

Feb 11, 2021 | Bodies, News, Sony

Sony appears to be about to release a camera to compete with the Sigma FP, which is also slated for an upcoming revision. SonyAlphaRumors received information that it will have an articulating screen, an actual grip, and a top-plate joystick for focus point control, seeing as there isn’t room for one on the back.

This well might be the “payload camera” that has been expected from Sony, designed in part to act as a gimble-attached camera for its new AirPeak drone line.

Further information was leaked to SonyAlphaRumors Thursday. The camera will cost $3800. As expected, it will take CFexpress Type A cards. It won’t record video with higher resolution that 4k. Pre-orders will start on February 23.

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