Using Crop Factor for Advantage, Oly to Focus on the Reach-Limited: Macro & Wildlife

Feb 22, 2021 | Bodies, Lenses, MFT, Rumors

The Olympus camera strategy is starting to make sense. An interview (in German) with OM Digital’s German manager Olaf Kreuter (via indicates that the spun-off firm is gearing to turn its focus to those areas where its niche format best shines.

Industry watchers predicting doom for Oly principly concentrate on the fact that the micro four thirds (M43) format is stuck between the high-end image quality of full frame and the small but now-quite-competent sensors of ubiquitous phone cameras. Kreuter noted that this could be turned into an advantage in a few use cases, where the 2x crop factor of the M43 format can be employed as a primary benefit for those who are reach-limited, particularly macro and wildlife shooters.

He noted that in the few months they’ve been spun off, the firm is smaller and leaner, and he’s sensed an improved sense of collaboration between offices. Japanese firms are a bit notorious for ignoring local office feedback.

He suggested a new PEN camera is likely in the offing, but the way he spoke about it didn’t indicate a sense of immediacy. He would only commit to producing some lenses and a camera each year.

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